Yes. It is true, we provide a 5-year warranty on everything.

World-Class Bathrooms. Made in EU

We are a family company which follows Czech craftsmanship. It is just one of the reasons why we sell our products all over Europe.

We know what we do. We are BMF

WE ARE a Czech company,
with Czech capital,
with honest Czech production.

WE FOLLOW the wise old saying:
„the customer is always right“.
We are always fair with every customer.

WE WANT to always be number one.
We make only
first-class quality.

WE PROVIDE an unusual 5-year
warranty on furniture
and our washbasins.

WE SET market trends. We
have original ideas.
Sometimes we even shock.

WE KNOW that this planet is not
ours. We comply with
environmental standards.

WE WILL CELEBRATE 70 years of our production
next year. And this means
we have considerable know-how.

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Why you want to have BMF
furniture in your bathroom

BECAUSE IT IS ORIGINAL Our competitors copy
of our design ideas.

BECAUSE IT IS FIRST-CLASS We have, for example, the latest state-of-the-art paint shop in Europe. Among other things.

BECAUSE IT IS 100% CZECH Not made in China. We produce everything in CZE.

BECAUSE IT IS ALSO TAILOR-MADE Apart from product series, we will also produce tailor-made furniture for you.

BECAUSE IT IS WITH A WARRANTY For 5 years. And it comes with fast service directly from us.

BECAUSE IT IS AVAILABLE You can find it at good retailers throughout all of Germany.

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No, it is not just another boring newsletter

We only send inspiration which you will appreciate. For example, how to correctly choose your furniture, how to care for it or how to receive a discount on furniture.

We are one of the most important and largest Bathroom furniture manufacturers in the Czech Republic.